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Lubofos 12

Lubofos 12 is designed for application before sowing all plants. High contents of potassium in comparison to phosphorus make this fertilizer primarily applicable for fertilizing root crops. It is also applicable to wheat, and for grassland, due to the contents of magnesium (necessary for animals) and available potassium and magnesium in poor quality soil.

Lubofos Corn

Lubofos Corn is a granulated fertilizer for application before sowing corn. This fertilizer contains all nutrients necessary for proper growth of corn and ensures high yields of seed, ensilage, soilage. The physical and chemical composition of this fertilizer provides the plants throughout the whole growing cycle with components released from the fertilizing granulate. Corn requires phosphorus application, which increases the yield, provided that the crops receive a sufficient amount of zinc. The fertilizer Lubofos Corn contains phosphorus and zinc - the two basic components, decisive for the yield of corn. Moreover, Lubofos Corn is recommended for application in planting peas, onions, flax and hop.

Lubofos for rape

Lubofos for Rape is a granulated fertilizer to be used in cultivation of rape. It contains all components that are necessary for proper growth of the plants and ensures high yield. The composition of the fertilizer is developed in consideration of specific nutritional requirements of rape with regard to sulfur, boron and manganese. The physical and chemical formula of the fertilizer makes it possible for the plants to consume the components released from the fertilizing granulate throughout the entire growth period. In cultivation of winter rape, application of Lubofos for Rape before sowing makes the plants better prepared for the winter season. It improves their resistance to winter conditions and frost. Lubofos for Rape is also recommended for other cruciferous plants, such as white mustard, oil-yielding rape and cabbage family.

Lubofos for potatos

Lubofos for Potatoes is mainly designed for fertilizing potatoes. Fertilizer formula was primarily developed in view of application on low-potassium soils, with average contents of phosphorus, not fertilized with organic products. Lubofos for Potatoes may also be successfully applied in different soil conditions. Certain part of potassium contained in this fertilizer is in the form of sulfates, which has a positive impact on bulb quality and starch contents.

Lubofos for beet

Lubofos for Beet has been specially developed for fertilizing such a demanding plant as sugar beet. Plantation of sugar beet consumes on average twice as much of potassium as of phosphorus and therefore the K2O/P2O5 relationship in the fertilizer is 2:1. The new product is a complete fertilizer, as apart from phosphorus and potassium it also contains other macro-nutrients, such as nitrogen, sulfur, calcium and sodium, as well as a micro-nutrient – boron. Ammonia nitrogen increases phosphorus solubility, which is carried in the fertilizer by partially decomposed phosphorite, i.e. a form of phosphorus that is active during the entire vegetation period. The functions of secondary components include stimulating yield-enhancing activity of nitrogen (sulfur) and improving health qualities of the plantation (sulfur and calcium). In comparison with other crops, sugar beet has a higher demand for sodium and requires good boron supply. Insufficient level of boron in the soil shows in heart leaf gangrene and the use of manure does not help the lack of this micro-nutrient. All specific nutrition requirements of sugar beet have been considered when preparing the chemical formula of Lubofos for Beet.


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