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Lubofos Corn

Granulated fertilizer NPK (S) 5-10-21-(20)
 with boron (B) 0,09, zinc(Zn) 0,24
containing partially decomposed phosphorite for fertilizing corn

  • also recommended for peas, onions, flax and hop
  • contains macro- and micro-nutrients
  • additionally gives sulfur, boron and zinc to the soil

    Range of application

    Lubofos Corn is a granulated fertilizer for application before sowing corn. This fertilizer contains all nutrients necessary for proper growth of corn and ensures high yields of seed, ensilage, soilage. The physical and chemical composition of this fertilizer provides the plants throughout the whole growing cycle with components released from the fertilizing granulate. Corn requires phosphorus application, which increases the yield, provided that the crops receive a sufficient amount of zinc. The fertilizer Lubofos Corn contains phosphorus and zinc - the two basic components, decisive for the yield of corn. Moreover, Lubofos Corn is recommended for application in planting peas, onions, flax and hop.


    Lubofos Corn is a multi-ingredient, granulated fertilizer, very efficient in application. Lubofos Corn contains 5% of nitrogen (N) in the form of ammonia nitrogen, 10 % of phosphorus (P2O5) as phosphate, 21 % of potassium (K2O) in the form of chloride potassium salt, 23 % of sulfur (SO3) in the form of sulfate, 0,09 % of boron in the form of borate, 0,24 % zinc in the form of oxide. It also contains a variety of micro-nutrients such as: copper, manganese, molybdenum. All components are easily available for the plants.

    Method of application

    The efficiency reaches its peak when applying Lubofos Corn before sowing, blending with soil to the level of 10-15 cm in the course of pre-sowing activities. The fertilizer does not contain any ingredients harmful for the germination process, which makes sowing possible after 2-4 days after fertilization.


    The dosage of Lubofos Corn is established on the basis of the contents of phosphorus and potassium, according to specific requirements of the crops and the expected yield.

    Standard no. ZN-ZChL-3:2002

    The following dosage is recommended for corn planted for seeds and ensilage (kg / 1 ha)*:


    volume of yield

    contents of phosphorus and available potassium in the soil**




    very high ***

    average (5 t/ha)





    high (8 t/ha)





    * in planting corn for ensilage, for average and low quality, the dosage of fertilizer should be increased by 50 kg/ha,
    **when each of the components is classified as different category, the dosage of fertilizer should be established for lower class component,
    ***in good weather conditions the actual yield may prove higher than the assumptions.

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